Mermet Springs
April 13, 14 & 15
Gilboa Quarry
June 29 & 30, and
White Star Quarry
July 1
North West Indiana Scuba
July 7 (Gary, IN Air Show)
Windy City Diving
July 21
Haigh Quarry
July 22
Len-Der Charters
August 4 & 5
Windy City Diving
August 15 (Fireworks)
Pearl Lake
September 8 & 9

gilboa quarry


Gilboa Quarry is a 14+ acre limestone quarry, located in Northwest Ohio. There are wooded campgrounds encompassing over half the quarry's perimeter. Gilboa Quarry is a great location for diving and dive training. The quarry provides two distinct personalities: the shallow side at 5 - 65 ft provides great recreational enjoyment, while the deep side of the quarry with depths of 130 plus ft is suitable for technical training.


Haigh Quarry is one of the finest aquatic environments in the midwest. This is an old quarry with depths to 85 feet, sheer cliffs, rock piles and a large aquatic population that includes sunfish, bluegill, catfish, bass and northern pike. The north end of the quarry is relatively shallow at about 25-30 ft deep. This area contains some left over mining equipment to see, the rest of the quarry is around 50-60 feet deep with the south east corner having the "deep" hole at 85 Ft. There are changing rooms and a pavilion with a fireplace.



The Len-Der has provided thousands and thousands of divers the exciting opportunity of wreck diving on one of Milwaukee’s many shipwrecks. Coast Guard certified, the Len-Der can handle dive groups of 12 divers for single or double dive trips. Individual divers are also welcome. With over 20 years of running shipwreck diving charters captain Jerry Guyer and the Len-Der are looking forward to another thrilling year. Call today for more information or to book your next charter.


Mermet Springs is an 8.5 acre spring fed stone quarry, located in Southern Illinois. The quarry has 100 foot walls and wooded hills encompassing nearly half of its perimeter. The sheer walls are not only on the top but can be followed to depths of 120 ft. This quarry is devoted to diving and dive training. There are items of interest for all divers. Training platforms are located around the facility. A Boeing 727 jet used in the movie "U.S. Marshals" (see image above) is just one of the many sunken treasures. Snorkeling, kayaking, and on-site camping for divers and their guests are available.



NorthWest Indiana Scuba (nwiscuba.com) is a community of scuba divers from North West Indiana, where WE plan trips, WE plan dives, WE have fun, and most of all WE are safe. Scuba diving is a sport that requires safety, and all dives will use the buddy system. Boats are the best way to get to the wrecks, we have 2 boats at our disposal for scuba trips. We hope you all join our forum, and create a community that grows and thrives on friendship.


A privately owned and operated "resort" in South Beloit, IL, Pearl Lake has much to offer both divers and non-divers. There's fishing, swimming, and diving! Just 1 1/2 hours from Chicago, it's a great place to get wet. Numerous items have been sunk for diving pleasure: Boats, an airplane, two man sub, rail road tracks, concrete pipes, and even a school bus! Fish and clams are in abundance. Average depth is 35 to 40 feet, max. depth 85 feet. There is an entrance fee. Open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Flag not needed, certification card required. There is a restaurant, bar, rest rooms, changing rooms, and showers at the lake. Plenty of hotels in the area, as well as camping at the lake. Register at the main building downstairs in the dive registration area. There are plenty of dive sites in the lake, all well away from the swimming area. See photos on the Ice Diving page. Weekends will see most of the sites overrun with students on certification dives.

white star


Diving at White Star Quarry is considered to be the best inland diving that Northern Ohio has to offer.   The Staff of Divers Incorporated - White Star are outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and Divers, just like you.  Like you, we want a place to dive that is local, convenient and understands that recreational activities are important to us. We also want a place where we can bring our non-diving friends and family with us, without having to pay to have them sit and watch.  You are welcome to bring friends and family (and even your dog) at NO CHARGE!  This is just one of the things that makes White Star different from other quarries, there is only a fee for Diving and Swimming. 

windy city diving


Windy City Diving specializes in diving the Straits of Mackinac Chicago's premier dive site. However, with our central location, we can visit any one of the more than a dozen Chicagoland shipwrecks. View videos of what Lake Michigan has to offer.

Contact Diver's Lair at 219-465-3483 or email us at info@diverslair.com for more information or to set up a time to try scuba diving with this unique experience.
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